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Your Winter Hair Colour

4 min read

Start the new year in vibrant style

If you're still stuck in finding your next hair colour for winter 2022 then keep reading to discover this season's trending colours and hair inspiration, all from the feed of #directionshair.

Finding a hair colour for winter 2022 couldn't be easier with our latest article full of vivid inspiration!

Your winter hair colour is almost guaranteed to follow you into the New Year, so to make sure you're bright & ready for 2023, we've cherry picked the latest trends that are popping up on the heads of the Directions' community this season.

Burgundy locks

Winter is always the perfect time to try warm things up by simply using your hair. Adding depth to your appearance is something we always love to see the Directions' community do this time of year!

Our trending warm colours for 2022 are definitely deeper berry tones, such as Rubine and Dark Tulip. Although we always recommend the highest base possible for our cruelty-free colours, to really bring out the warmer tones in these shades it's best to apply them onto a lower-level base instead. If in doubt, perform a strand test!


Midnight strands

Matching the winter's sky is a trend us at Directions are always excited to see as we enter the season of darker nights. Ambassador @pacolatorre boasts about this trend, as even though these twilight tones appear dark at first glance, in natural light they really come alive with strong blue hues. Paco's top tip in achieving a dreamy midnight look is to remember to remove all the warm tones in the hair first, by neutralising the hair before applying colours such as Midnight Blue or Denim Blue.


Copper hair

If you're not lucky enough to have these rich tones in your hair already, fake it till you make it! Using our semi-permanent colours such as Flame or Apricot to tone the hair will help you achieve 2022's hottest trend. Adding these gold, glossy tones to your natural colour will really bring you into the New Year in style.


Icy styles

Breathe a breath of fresh hair for FW22 by using some of the more subtle colours in the Directions vegan range. Slate or Stormy Grey will give your blonde base a silvery touch that's magically cold for party season. We're definitely seeing more of these ashy tones appear on our feeds these last few months, as we move away from the honey blondes from the summer.


Get 2023 ready...

If 4 of our fave festive hair trends wasn't enough for you, then you can find more throughout the season on the feed of @directions_hair_colour! Or, if you want to share your own New Year's-worthy do', then #Directionshair in your captions across socials for the chance to be featured.

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