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Take The Tour: See Why Our Stand Stole The Show at Salon International

4 min read
Take a walk through our biggest, boldest and brightest stand EVER from this year’s hairdressing spectacular…

Now the dust has settled from our busiest and most exciting weekend of the year, let’s take you on a mini-tour of the stand that stole the show at Salon International 2023.

With over 33,000 visitors flocking to this annual extravaganza, we can safely say that not a single one could have missed our stand from the moment they arrived.

From the huge elevated banner hanging from the ceiling, to the massive screen showcasing the premiere of our short film “Groove is in the Hair” – we went the extra mile to turn our stand into the weekend’s must-see stage, and your reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

If you sadly couldn’t make it to see our Directions stand in all its glory, or simply want to relive the experience, then join your guide Sam Gaut on this show-stopping tour!

Now that we’ve given you a quick walkthrough, let’s delve into the details and talk about everything that was featured...

Directions DJ: The soundtrack of Salon International

To mark the premiere of Groove is in the Hair, we had our very own DJ spinning the tracks on our funky Directions decks all weekend long.

Though they weren’t much of a talker, their taste in music more than made up for it, blasting out the perfect soundtrack for this festival of colour creativity. Plus they always had time for their fans, with many snapping a quick selfie during their visit.

Capturing unique styles at our pop-up photo studio

Around the corner from our DJ booth was our professional photoshoot studio, which was working around the clock to capture the unique shades and styles of our ambassadors, models and, most of all, our loyal Directions customers!

Featuring high-spec equipment and our resident photographer, it was the perfect setup to strike a pose and let visitors express their individuality. It was great to see so many step into the spotlight and give them the VIP model experience.

Did you smile for the camera? Then make sure you’re following our socials – Insta, TikTok, Facebook and X – to see if you can spot yourself on our feeds.

Learning from the masters: Daily live demos

One of the must-see features from our stand was the distinctive demo stage, where we invited several expert stylists and colourists to work their magic with our vibrant shades.

From Paco Latorre’s beautiful unicorn blend and Georgia Bell’s rainbow spectacular, to the powerful pinks Vanity Doll Salon gave our colour ambassador Lauren, every demo was an eye-opening experience for everyone who saw them – we certainly learned a lot!

Disappointed that you didn’t manage to catch them? Don’t worry! While there’s nothing quite like seeing these colour masters work live, we’ve captured each demo and the colours they used in videos that we’ll be sharing in the coming months.

Stay tuned for a little teaser at the end of this blog post…

Exclusive show deals flying off the stands

Undoubtedly the busiest bees on our stand at Salon International were our salespeople at the counter selling our collection of colours, hair lightening kits, shampoos, accessories and so much more.

No exhibition is complete without a bag full of goodies to take home. At this year’s Salon International, we didn’t disappoint with our selection of limited-time offers. Barber bundles, student discounts, lecturer goody bags – you name it, we had it… until our customers grabbed them!

And boy did you grab them! The final dash on Monday was particularly hectic, with hundreds of hairdressing students and lecturers stopping by to get their hands on these special offers, as well as our fantastic shopper bags, reusable bottles and fans.

It’s weekends like this that remind us that we have the most devoted customers around. If you did pick up any of these unique offerings over the weekend, we can’t thank you enough!

A fond farewell to our show-stealing stand

That brings our stand walkthrough to an end, but the memories it helped create will be with us for a very long time to come. We really pushed the boat out to mark Salon International’s 50th anniversary in style, and we were overwhelmed by the response it received from everyone who came along.

To the thousands of people who checked out Groove is in the Hair, struck a pose in our pop-up studio, picked up an exclusive deal, watched a live demo, or simply said hello to our hard-working staff: Thank you so much for making this a weekend we’ll never forget – we loved meeting every single one of you!

So that just leaves one question: How are we going to top it next year?

Stay tuned and be sure to check out our Colour Hub for more great content from our Salon International showcase... and don’t forget to follow us on all our socials so you’re the first to know when new posts go live!

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