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Get Glam & Groovy this Xmas with Vanity Doll Salon’s Disco Queen Style

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Looking to give your Christmas party look that final wow factor? Then get inspired with a hairstyle that will make you want to Jingle Bell Rock!

There was so much to see and do at our Salon International stand this year, but one of the highlights had to be our daily live demos. It was so exciting to watch some of our favourite colour experts and stylists create truly unique looks with our signature shades.

Disappointed you didn’t get to see these live? Or want to find out how you can recreate this look? Then you’re in luck! Over the coming months we’ll be releasing exclusive videos of our “Directions Demos” in the Colour Hub, giving you a glimpse of how these masters create their standout styles.

So, with Christmas spirit in the air, we wanted to start with a look full of sparkle, sequins and spectacle. Watch below to see our brand ambassadors the Vanity Doll Salon (@vanitydollsalon) transform Lauren Yeomans (@bylauren.y) into a dream Disco Queen.

A groovy gift from our favourite stylists

Vanity Doll Salon has been one of our most beloved brand ambassadors for years, and we always extend the invite for their skilled stylists to join our annual Salon International festivities.

This year they wowed us and everyone in attendance with something extra special – a striking afro look from straight out of the 70s, brought to life by our range of powerful pink hair colours.

Inspired by our “Groove is in the Hair” short film that debuted at the exhibition, this ambitious work of art was developed by the super-talented trio of Ruth Wardle, Chenell Mee and Amy Walker, who brought their A-Game to turn Lauren into the ultimate disco diva.

First, colour expert Ruth produced Lauren’s captivating pink shades using a clever combination of Flamingo Pink, Carnation Pink, Rose Red and Pillarbox Red. With deeper tones at the back, a bright, vibrant centre and Lauren’s platinum blonde locks at the front, it was the perfect colour blend to create this voluminous style.

Then it was hair extension specialist Chenell’s time to take this to another level. She did this by braiding the back of Lauren’s hair and expertly sewing on a HUGE pink wig, specially made for this live demo. This was the ideal base for the ultimate afro-inspired look, which when combined with further body and extensions resulted in a total explosion of colour.

Finally, creative stylist Amy stepped in to complete the extensions and create the glamorous party curls at the front-and-centre of this one-of-a-kind style. These important touches added even more motion and bounce to the final look, giving it that dynamic flair that the 70s were known for.

With Lauren’s stunning disco ‘do’ complete, it was time to reveal her outfit; dressed head-to-toe in bold shimmers of pink, this sequined beauty stole the show in her party piece.

A three-person job, but the results (including all the on-lookers who wanted to grab their selfies with Lauren) spoke for themselves! We’d like to thank the owners of the Vanity Dolls Salon, Ruth, Amy and their team for hosting this glamorous, groove-inspired demo at our Salon International stand, and of course their very own Lauren for being the only choice to model this incredible look.

It’s certainly given us the inspiration to get our groove on this holiday season! If you’re also thinking about a more funky, festive look this December, then let us know and get tagging us on our social channels. Who said pink wasn’t a Christmas colour anyway?!

Watch Groove is in the Hair

Coming up next: The Power of Pink with Vanity Doll Salon

We hope you enjoyed this first feature of our “Directions Demos” – there’s a lot more to come.

SPOILER ALERT: this Disco Queen style wasn’t the only fresh look Lauren and Vanity Doll Salon showcased at Salon International… In our next blog post, we’ll show you how Lauren got the sleek, silky pink shades you saw at the start of this demo video, and how she paired this with another out-of-this-world outfit.

Stay tuned and be sure to check out our Colour Hub for when this drops in early 2024... and don’t forget to follow us on all our socials so you’re the first to know when this goes live!

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