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Witness Magic & Wild Imagination: Watch Paco Latorre’s ‘Unicorn Look’...

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Discover Paco Latorre's playbook secrets as he shows us how to nail the ultimate unicorn hair transformation, turning fantasy into reality…

If you’ve been keeping up with our latest blog posts, you’ll know we’ve been bringing you look after look in our Directions Demo series – all courtesy of our favourite colourists and professionals from Salon International 2023. They’ve all been spectacular so far, but this must be the most magical one yet…

Below, watch how Directions Brand Ambassador Paco Latorre (@pacolatorre), Creative Director at Live True London Salons (@livetruelondon), created this head-turner of a style which we like to call the ‘Unicorn Look’!

Mythical beauty brought to life

The unicorn isn’t your run-of-the-mill mythical beast; it’s the ultimate icon of fierce elegance and wild imagination. Beyond its iconic spiralled horn, this fantastical creature has become synonymous with the rainbow – a symbol of owning your unique style with total confidence and turning the mundane into the magical.

For Paco, the aim for this signature look wasn't ‘cool’ – he was shooting for legendary. And guess what? He didn’t just hit the mark, he blew it out of the water, taking the majesty and boldness of the unicorn to a whole new level!

A polaroid photo of Paco Latorre's unicorn hair colour mix modelled by Wendy Swan, asking you to embrace the magic

Our fantastic model Wendy Swan (@bluebellswan) was blown away when Paco revealed the finished look. Wendy – an avid fan of our products and a star of our True Colours, ANTI-ARCADIAN and Boardwalk Empire short films – was thrilled with this amazing combo, and has been proudly showing it off on her socials ever since!

So, how did Paco produce this mythical masterpiece? Well, let’s start with the colours. Paco selected a mix of bold and pastel colours that blended seamlessly into each other and produced the rainbow effect he was seeking:

The five Directions semi-permanent hair colour shades behind Paco Latorre's unicorn look: Carnation Pink, Fluorescent Lime, Lagoon Blue, Pastel Pink and Wisteria.

After giving Wendy’s hair a thorough wash with a special moisture treatment, Paco made sure her hair was completely dry before applying any colour. This ensured that the colour was fully absorbed into her hair, and was not diluted by water.

From here Paco, assisted by his colleague Javier Jerez (@javierb_j), started at the base of Wendy’s hair with a mix of Carnation Pink and Pastel Pink. This flowed seamlessly into our delicate Wisteria to create a more muted, subtle shade on top.

Then, at the tips of Wendy’s hair, Paco applied richer, brighter shades of Fluorescent Green and Lagoon Blue, resulting in a bold, vibrant finish to this awe-inspiring look.

After allowing the colour to rest for around half an hour, Wendy’s hair was rinsed, dried, and professionally styled by Paco and Javier, producing a mesmerising wavy effect that captured the glossy mane of a majestic unicorn.

The process behind creating Paco Latorre's unicorn look hairstyle

The result? A hairstyle so epic and out-of-this-world that it had everyone at Salon International whipping out their phones to snap pics and shoot videos.

Paco Latorre demonstrated here why he is a true colour master, and it was a joy to watch him work at the show. We want to thank him and Javier Jerez for being a part of this unforgettable weekend, and Wendy for being the perfect model for this magical look!

Want to recreate this legendary style? Shop Paco’s Unicorn Look.


Coming up next: Georgina Bell’s six shades of sensational

Paco’s Unicorn Look used five of our bold, brilliant colours to make magic. But next month’s demo goes one step further – bringing SIX of our most vibrant shades into one head-turning look!

In our next blog post, hair colour expert Georgia Bell (@georgiabellhair) shows you how she combined multiple strong shades into a truly sensational style.

Stay tuned and be sure to check out our Colour Hub for when this drops... and don’t forget to follow us on all our socials so you’re the first to know when it goes live!

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