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Directions Ambassador Lauren Talks Brand Advocacy & Hair Colour

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Get to know the icon behind many of our vivid looks as we talk to Directions ambassador and colour queen, Lauren Yeomans.

Get to know the icon behind many of our vivid looks as we talk to Directions ambassador and colour queen, Lauren Yeomans.

Directions are all about bright shades, bold hair and true expression. Values we share not just in our striking hair colour, but also through the people that represent our brand.

Whether it’s showing followers what’s possible with our hues on socials, or educating the next generation of hair colourists in college, Lauren Yeomans (@bylauren.y) is one of our most prominent Directions ambassadors.

Having represented our company since 2019, you’ve probably seen her bold style on our website, in our photoshoots and at our shows – but who is Lauren? Get to know the model championing hair colour expression as we sit down for a chat.

Can you give us a short introduction Lauren? Who are you and what do you do?

“Hi, I’m Lauren. As part of the Vanity Doll Salon (@vanitydollsalon), I create amazing make-up for parties, brides and proms, all while working alongside Directions as a colour ambassador. I model their iconic colours, work with their educators, and wear Directions hair colour to show off what’s possible with their vibrant shades!”

What is it that you love about Directions?

“I love working with Directions because they’re a really fun brand to partner with. Every project we work on, every photoshoot we’ve ever done has been really enjoyable. We’re encouraged to express our personality and individuality with the hair colour, clothing and make-up we wear.”

“I also love Directions because it’s about real people. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your age is, their hair colour is for everyone. Plus, being able to represent a product I truly believe in and enjoy is a real treat.”

On the topic of hair colour, what’s your go-to Directions shade?

“It’s really hard for me to pick a favourite colour because I’ve tried and loved every single one! But if I had to choose, I really adore the shades in my hair at the moment which are a mixture of Rose Red, Vermillion and Pillarbox Red.”

In your view, what’s the best thing about being an ambassador for Directions?

“The best thing about being an ambassador for Directions is how well they look after you. When we go to photoshoots or events, there’s no pressure on how to look. They really encourage you to express yourself and be who you are, and I think that’s fantastic.”

I know you’ve been involved in many Directions photoshoots. Which has been the most enjoyable for you?

“Picking just one is hard, but if I had to choose, I’d say Groove is in the Hair. That was really fun to be a part of – it involved a choreographer who taught us how to dance and some special effects for the videos. My hair was big and curly as well – the girls did a chopstick curl in my hair – and we got to try plenty of different outfits and looks. Was really fun to be a part of that.”

“I also loved the Jumpshoot we did as well. My hair was a neon lime-yellow, and the girls styled my hair in a big wave. I enjoyed the way that looked with the outfits.”


What does the education side of your role with Directions involve?

“On the education side, I’m there to model so students can see Directions get applied to my hair. I also help support the girls that do the education – that could mean cleaning up, talking to the students about my look, or anything else on the day.”

“Our main goal is to show students how to work with vivid colours, express themselves and have fun. It’s also a great opportunity to show off the amazing things possible with these incredible colours.”

Do you have any tips for someone using Directions hair colour for the first time?

“For me, my main three tips are: Use vaseline on your ears and hair when applying colour.”

“Always use gloves when applying dye. I’ve seen so many people who end up staining their hands; gloves can help you keep your hands clean.”

“Finally, when washing your hair and rinsing colour, always use cool water. Warm water tends to cause new colours to run.”


You’ve talked about your experience as a Directions ambassador, but what does it mean to you?

“I’ve been using Directions hair colour for years and it’s a product I love. So to be able to represent such a great and well-established brand has been really special to me.”

“Ultimately, I want more people to know they can express themselves with their hair. And by being able to represent such vivid styles myself, I hope to be able to inspire others to do the same. That’s what being an ambassador is all about for me.”

How did you come to represent Directions as an ambassador for their hair colour?

“Working in the salon, the girls have always used me as a guinea pig and a model for their hair colour experiments. We also loved taking pictures, and one day some of the snaps we took got noticed by Directions through social media – and that’s basically how it started.”

Do you have a message for people who want to become a Directions ambassador themselves?

“Whether you use Directions on your own hair, or you're a hair colourist and you use it on your clients, take some photos, get yourself out there, and tag Directions (@directions_hair_colour). They’re an amazing brand to work with and are always recognising the amazing talent out there.”

Can you tell us who your biggest hair inspiration is at the moment?

“I really do love the Kardashians – Kylie Jenner’s baby pink wig, for example, was absolutely amazing. As for real hair, I think Katy Perry shows off some brilliant colours on red carpets, and Kelly Osbourne has a really nice purple-lilac shade at the moment.”

Finally, before we go, do you have your eye on any upcoming trends or styles you’d like to try?

“I’m really interested to see what comes this year with the autumn styles. Last year was all about the coppers and vibrant reds which I really loved. For my next style though, I’d really like to try more peachy and pastel colours – something a bit softer than what I normally try would be nice.”

We’d like to thank Lauren for talking with us and sharing more about her and her amazing work as a Directions ambassador.

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