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ANTI-ARCADIAN is here: Colour that cuts through the chaos

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Introducing ANTI-ARCADIAN. The all-new, all-intense short film from Directions.
Ar·​ca·​di·​an | \ är-ˈkā-dē-ən
A person who lives a simple quiet life.

No thanks. That’s not for us.

Our colour is made for those who live life at full throttle.

You know our colours are bold. Bright. Brilliant. But we wanted to show you just how much it cuts through the noise in our latest shoot.

We took to the arcades to prove just how much we can disrupt wherever we go. Take a look...

Flashing lights. Neon backdrops. Every colour imaginable. And yet our shades stand out amongst the electric glow.

We believe life is all about having fun. Whether that’s battling it out on the air hockey table, or experimenting with hair accentuated with all colours of the rainbow.

Our brief for the shoot was all about high-energy, high-octane, high-impact visuals. And our incredible team delivered. Take a look at our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to see how it all came together.

Mastering hair and make-up

We may have called the professionals in for hair styling, but our cast all used Directions colour prior to coming on set. Some of them are professionals, some are still learning, and some just love to experiment! We think they all did SUCH a good job – and that’s the beauty of Directions Colour… No matter your skill level, you can still achieve incredible results.

Hair & Make-Up - Anti Arcadian Shoot

Make-up helped the hair colour to really pop. Some of our cast opted for our in-house make-up crew to do their thing, while others (such as MUA extraordinaire Jack) took matters into their own very skilled hands. The colours really complemented each other and the metallic face paint took things to a whole new level!

The shotlist

Arcades by their very nature are noisy, vibrant and full of chaos – which gave us so many opportunities to capture some unique compositions and colour combinations.

Racing on high-res tracks. Clashing on the classics. Strutting past the simulators. We couldn’t have asked for a better final film or cast – they really owned the brief and direction from our team and brought their own individual, playful twist to the table.

ANTI-ARCADIAN is about making noise,
standing out, not caring if you fit in and finding entertainment in all aspects of life.

This shoot gave us out-of-this-world, eccentric, super-galactic vibes – but next time we’ll be bringing the colour even closer to home… Look out for our next short film dropping soon.


Electrica - Lauren Yeomans

Shop Lauren’s look:

Bright Daffodil
Spring Green
Carnation Pink
Fluorescent Orange
Flamingo Pink
Apple Green

Arcadian - Jack Oliver

Shop Jack's look:
Fluoro Lime

Lucky Duck - Sophie Burt D’arcy

Shop Sophie's look:
Pastel Blue
Pastel Rose

The Invader - Sam Gaut

Shop Sam's look:
Stormy Grey

Hyper Pitch - Hollie Parker-Wright

Shop Hollie's look:
Deep Purple

The Shocker - Wendy Swan

Shop Wendy’s look:
Neon Red

Whacka - Sally Jowers

Shop Sally’s look:

Fluoro Orange
Poppy Red

Moto Girl - Cinsy Tam

Shop Cinsy’s look:

Carnation Pink

Want to shop the entire ANTI-ARCADIAN colour collection?

Find it here

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