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How to channel your inner Barbie: Think more than just pink

4 min read
Inspired by the bold colours and timeless style of Barbie, we’re rolling out the pink carpet to unveil our vibrant collection of icon-inspired, semi-permanent hair colours.

Channel your inner doll like never before and steal the spotlight with bold, bright and brilliant hues inspired by the fashion queen herself. Embrace your style, own your look, and get ready to turn heads, just as Barbie-mania has all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Cue the confetti and get ready to paint the town pink, blue and yellow with our radiant range of candy colours, sugary pastels and neon tones. Let’s get this fabulous party started!

Whatever hue you’re planning to rock, these flamboyant shades will have your hair shining bright like the superstar you are. Own the trend, embrace your uniqueness, and throw it back with nostalgic colours we can’t get enough of!

Say goodbye to dull hair days, and hello to flawless finishes that'll make you feel like the main character in your very own Barbie world!

Want to shop the whole Directions & Barbie collection?

Find it all here

Kick off your look with stunning pinks!

Go bold with Carnation Pink

Our show-stopping shade of Carnation Pink is the ultimate Barbie-inspired colour, perfect for divas who want to add a touch of fabulousness and shine bright!

Get glam with Cerise

Cerise is a pink for the go-getters and trendsetters who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Unlock your fierce and fashionable side, and leave a trail of inspiration in your stride.

Make hearts flutter with Flamingo Pink

Own the Barbiecore trend in your own way with Flamingo Pink – an electrifying shade hotter than the Malibu sun.

Stun with Pastel Pink

The pretty hues of Pastel Pink give your hair a pop of candyfloss colour that lets your elegance and beauty shine through.

Express a timeless style with Pastel Rose

Soft, subtle, and oh-so-stylish, Pastel Rose is the hair colour of choice for fashionistas looking to give their hair a full-bloom effect that exudes grace wherever they go.

Embrace the Barbie style with more than just pink

While everyone’s favourite blonde bombshell is best known for her blazing pink outfits, the world of Barbie is also incredibly diverse – if you've watched the movie you'll spot plenty of fluorescents, neons and pastels in the mix too...

Delight with Pastel Blue

Always on trend with its timeless tones, Pastel Blue is the perfect complement to the not-so-subtle Barbiecore look!

Turn heads with Lagoon blue

Make a splash with Lagoon Blue – a daring shade that’ll make your hair shimmer just like the Malibu ocean waves.

Flourish all summer with Bright Daffodil

There’s no better shade to reflect your vibrant, uplifting spirit – be the diva that uplifts everyone's day with Bright Daffodil.

Get chic with Sunflower

Radiate like the summer sun with Sunflower, the hair colour for fashion-forward trendsetters who dare to bloom all season long.

Step into the spotlight with Fluorescent Yellow

Embody neon Barbie with Fluorescent Yellow, a hue people simply won’t be able to ignore!

Explore the full Directions & Barbie collection

Whether you’re looking for hot pinks to complete the look, brilliant blues to match the Malibu skies, sunshine yellows to channel your inner Ken, or bleach and toner to nail the celebrated Barbie blonde – our fun-loving collection of inspired shades is the perfect place to start.

What are you waiting for? Shop the Directions & Barbie collection today and light up the world with a style that’s unapologetically you!

Find it all here

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