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Rainbow Ombré Revealed: Watch Directions X Georgia Bell’s Live Demo

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See how Georgia Bell creates the ultimate statement hair in this Live Demo, as she turns rainbow into reality.

If you’ve been keeping up with our series, you’ll know that we’ve explored a whole host of head-turning styles with many of our favourite hair colourists. This month, we continue the trend by taking a closer look at a true technicolour masterpiece…

Below, you’ll see how Georgia Bell (@georgiabellhair), renowned colour educator and owner of Society by Georgia Bell (@societybygeorgiabell), creates a split-dye rainbow ombré effect unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Using no less than SIX of our brightest colours – trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this…

A style bursting with sunshine and rainbows

When you can’t settle on just one of our 46 head-turning colours, why not choose six and craft a multi-coloured look that brightens every room? That’s what colour expert Georgia Bell accomplished in our most recent Live Demo, creating a colour-bursting style that’s equal parts bold and beautiful.

We weren’t the only ones blown away by this iconic look. Model Nadia (@thenaaadia) was over the moon with how everything turned out, featuring her vivid hair as part of her iconic image.

So, how did Georgia create this stunning look? She started by choosing six of our most striking shades that captured the essence of a rainbow.

Before any hues could be applied, Georgia then washed Nadia’s hair and sectioned it into four quadrants. Wet hair was key to creating this smooth and vibrant ombré effect, as it allowed the eye-catching colours to blend nicely.

With the colours chosen and the hair washed, Georgia began applying the gorgeous Flamingo Pink, Fluorescent Orange and Sunflower to the right half of our model’s luscious hair. With this complete, she then moved to the left, applying signature shades like Violet, Lagoon Blue and Spring Green, from top to bottom.

Now that Nadia’s hair was beginning to take shape as the technicolour dream Georgia envisioned, it was now time to leave it to develop for an hour. During this period, she shifted her attention to colouring the extensions in the same vivacious shades.

Next, it was time to rinse off Nadia’s hair. To lock in the dramatic colours and vivid lustre, cold water was used to keep the cuticles in her hair sealed. Once everything was dried, extensions added, and styling was complete, Georgia was ready to unveil the final look.

The eye-catching pinks, oranges and yellows perfectly combined with the luscious purples, blues and greens to create a bold colour combination that shone bright. Surpassing the intensity of even the most idyllic rainbow, Georgia Bell demonstrated why she’s one of our favourite colour specialists to work with, and a true master of her craft.

We’d like to thank Georgia for sharing her incredible skills with us for this Live Demo, as well as Nadia for truly owning this captivating look.

Feeling inspired to create your own unique rainbow ombré style?

Shop the look

Remember, every bold style deserves to be seen. So, if you’ve used any of our iconic colours in a look you love, be sure to share the results with us on socials.

And if you’re looking for even more hair colour inspiration, keep an eye out on the Directions Colour Hub.